About Us

*We in the light of introduction of our town,Barasat:

Barasat is an ancient town of West Bengal . Upholding a great historical memory it has acquired a different place in the map of West Bengal . In mughal period this town has a golden history . In 1600 A.D Pratapaditya , the king of jessore was defeated in the battle and his commander sankar chakraborty came to barasat at the period . He did a lot for the development of Barasat . In 1700 A.D. Hazarat Ekdil shah , the eminent Muslim saint stepped in the town and startedliving at kazipara , Barasat . Maharaja Pratapaditya and Siraj Uddoullah constructed respectively jessore road from Kolkata to jessore and National Highway from Kolkata to murshidabad via Barasat . Thus they established a sound and healthy communication among the ordinary people . during the British Raj , the town became more important than that of the past . Warren Hastings made his villa in the heart of Barasat . Bankim Chandra Chattopadhayay , the renowned author became the Deputy Magistrate of this town. It is the historical town where Titumir started famous indigo Revolt against the British as they unleashed their violent torture against the indigo peasants . Many unforgettable persons like Vidyasagar , Pyaricharan Sarkar , Ramsundar Mitra , Kalikrishna Mitra etc. introduced Window Marriage , development in Women's Education and so many social works just in an impressive way . they made barasat as the unique center for their all praiseworthyactivities . Barasat is, indeed, a town which is remarkable for the footprints of those eminent personalities . "saha Textile"---- our organization as well as our dream is established at Haritala in the heart of this town , Barasat .

*Real Reflection of Rainbow dream:

"Though I am small , I am small , I am not insignificant at all………. One day I could be a "Banaspati………" This expectation along with indomitable spirit , in comparable courage , honesty and above all , with mother's blessings has made a big silent movement which is nothing but our unbelievable journey . journey of our dream started wih only 175 sq. ft. space . we are acquainted with you gradually. From this familiarity a deep relationship with you is born , and this new fond makes a significant space for your modest patronage , exchanging opinions , affectionate guidance and honest guardianship . with all this praiseworthy qualities the small plant of the past has now become a big tree . our increasing improvement is undoubtedly the consequence of your heartiest love and co-operation . our organization is grateful to your holy footsteps . the stronge faith in our ceaseless hard work and honesty makes our organization"Saha Textile" as an open horizon of dormant expectation.

Organizational Activities:

Mother's day:-

Pathetically keeping pace with so called modernization and resent social degradation the modern generations , in most cases appeared as the enimies womb consider their old parents as domestic leftovers and send them behind the bars literally named Old age homes , they are left just like dirty old furniture . in order to bring smiles for those distressed and worried mothers , our remarkable effort is celebrating Mother's Day with warm reception of mothers. It is great honour to all the mothers for having our first words, first touch and first love from no other but the mothers.

Mass Initiation ceremony:

our another finest effort is mass initiation ceremony in collaboration with Nikhil Bharat Ruprabha Brahmin Sammittee. According to the Brahminic retuals we organize the Initiation Ceremony that spreads lot of spiritual happiness among all.


Bonfonta' is the latest edition to our social activities . breaking traditional custom it enlightens the spiritual blessings for brothers . in all respect it is indeed , a new edition of 'Bonfonta'.

Vermilion Play:

Every spring time there are arrival songs along with gorgeous drums , bells of gongs , and with delicious fragrance of catkins and night-flowering jasmines . during the period from Maha Panchami to maha Dashami , devi durga is worshipped everywhere in West Bengal . At dusk of the next day to Maha Dashami we organize the glorius Vermilion play between mother and daughter distributing sweets among all in order to make the way cilourful during the departure of Maa durga.

Cottage Industry:

Restoretion and revival of creativity and culture in the field of Textile Industry in our another aspiration . It is our homage to forty lakh homemade weaving Industries of our country . As the only representative we stood first in Silkmark and Hanloom Expo (Tripura) held in North 24 Parganas . Our attempt is to undertake cottage industry at door to door through weaving technology reestablishment of glorious past tradition in Weaving industries is our only mission. With innovative movement in the field of industry enterprise , let it be pronounced everywhere : "Bengal will again occupy the best posision all over India". Bengal is our motherland – our golden dream . let the victory chariot of cottage industry be moved forward out of the doors in Bengal in collaboration with 'Saha textile' .

Guest house:

In order to fulfil our mission we have also built a Beautiful guast house named "Danrao Pathikbar" following the famous lines created by the eminent poet Sukanta Bhattacharya . The common people and our all customers who live at distant place may take rest here in pleasant atmosphere . Not only for the rest for a while but also for making the bond of our relationship better and dipper , the guest house is dedicated only for you , dear customers and well-wishers .

Temple requirement:

Our another drive is to repair and rebuild all the decayed temples that are left in negligence is difficult deferent parts of the town . We celebrate shibaratri Festival with great pomp and luxury on shib – choturdoshi . thousands of devotees from different parts of Bengal come and make the festival a grand success . the spirit of the festival echoes the mind blowing speel:- "Satyam Shibam Sundaram" .

Aim in future:

Our only aim in future is to impart proper training to the unemployed with fooding and lodging totally at free of cost at the place offered by Barasat Municipality . Not only that , at the end of the training period , giving certificates to the trainees on behalf of renounced institution is also our future goal . Our next step is to build "Shilpa Pather Dabi" – an earnest attempt to make the unemployed youth fully efficient for job through creating huge spaces for employment . After the completion of the course , the novice trainees can join our organization ; or they can also attend our organization at their own will--- we must have no objection at all . Our purpose is to uphold 'Karma yoga ' and thus root out the cursed unemployment from our society . We , therefore , humble request all of you to come forward and extend your helping hands to give a long life to our dream---"Shilpa Pather Dabi". Cooperation from all of you is solicited for the fulfillment of our ambition .

Silent Movement:

Manibala Debi, my mother is our power and inspiration. In every sphere of our organization there is her generous loving touch we feel always. To tell the trouth, every moment of our organization is full of her sweet fragnance. Her inspiration enlightens our inner-self, and that is the only motivation of ourcourageous footsteps. In-order to remove that the tears of the poor and worried parents, every year she presents very silently a nicely decorate Benarasi- shari to each of those parents for their departing daughters. This is her silent movement-----our pride and asset. Our only determination is to keep always up:

  • "Chaitanya in our soul
  • Lalan in our heart
  • Power in our mind
  • Rear up all in inner-self".